Digitalized, Automated and Robotized (“DAR”)
solutions powered by own AI for Sustainable Big Bang Retail Expansion

Digitalized, Automated and Robotized (“DAR”)
solutions powered by own AI for Sustainable Big Bang Retail Expansion

Worldwide Media Recognition

Bobnet targets accelerated growth

Bobnet created all the necessary elements, and now it is on the way to developing numerous diverse Pan-European large automated retail chains and

Invites big retailers to partner on a 50/50 partnership base in these highly leveraged projects.

4 chains are already in development.

Bobnet's Chain Management System

is a breakthrough into the New Retail.

Chains are the future of retail.
Chains require sophisticated management.Chains require automated management.

BOBNET’s Chain Management System is the only automated management system able to provide 360° automated management for small, medium, and large Retail Chains, even for Chains with thousands of Retail Units and warehouses.


Innovative Technologies

FREE CHECKOUT technology

a combined software-hardware technology where customers’ purchases a­­re automatically detected and billed through advanced technologies facilitating a seamless and efficient shopping experience.


an innovative combined software-hardware technology to control electronic shelf transactions offering advanced and reach data generation surpassing traditional retail stocking methods.


innovative software-hardware solutions with real-time monitoring and management of all and every product throughout their commercial lifecycle in the supply-sale cycle in the entire Retail Chain, – from acquisition to consumer purchase, including inventory levels, product movement, environmental conditions, sales to exclude thefts, expired products and to generate a large amount of data for total control over internal processes.

MOBILE LOGISTICS Management System

is a software designated to digitally guide employees involved in mobile processes (movement of goods, transportation, feeding of sale terminals) with digital data flying both through cloud central servers or directly between devices through peer-to-peer interactions.

Bobnet Software

Chain Management System

Automated management system designed for retail chains.

Management System

Interactive self-service and seamless point-of-sale.

Client mobile app

The Gateway to Seamless Shopping.



Mobile Logistics Management System​

Move goods efficiently between fixed and mobile warehouses.

B.I. Reports Management System

Reporting solution powered by B.I.


Connects and arranges communication between all apps, tools, flows, chains, and client systems.

Cloud IoT Management System

Allows to connect, monitor, and manage all IoT devices from a single location.

Simplfied Warehouse Management System

Simplifies the management of multiple warehouses in the chain

Bobnet Hardware

A suite of hardware that can be used with Chain MS or independently to create automated Chains of any size for any retail purpose.

Bob Bistro

Automated food units for autonomous restaurants, canteens, stores

Bob Concierge​

Autonomous food & groceries mini shop for residential and corporate communities

Bob loVe​

Autonomous sales hub​ for commercial centers and crowded spaces

Bob Wall

Smart shared lockers for retailers, fleet management, grocery, workspaces  

Bob Rent

Smart rental unit for commercial centers and crowded spaces

Bob Home

Smart Personal Mailbox

Bob Store

Fully automated store for retailers


Smart rental unit for IT&C equipment

Bob Chronos

The world’s first rotating vending solution

Every step
with Bobnet

Elevate your business with our comprehensive suite of solutions, including automated product sampling, interactive customer communication, and data-driven consumer behaviour statistics, all designed to optimize engagement and drive success.


Rest assured with top-notch security features, protecting your business and customers when utilizing BOBNET’s advanced automated systems.

Software updates

Experience hassle-free software updates that keep your BOBNET solutions cutting-edge, ensuring you always stay ahead in the fast-paced world of technology.

Remote control

Discover the ease of remote control for managing BOBNET solutions, ensuring seamless operation and convenience at your fingertips.

Bobnet is the First Ecosystem of Automated Retail Chain Solutions

Bobnet ecosystem includes Digital Automated Management Solutions, a series of IoT Automated Retail Selling and Logistic Devices, and a series of Software Solutions responsible for automation, control, and customer interaction.


Discover the transformative power of Bobnet automated solutions across various Retail Industries.

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