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We produce additionally economically value to businesses and convenience for customers.


Increasing costs and high rate of human labor both in logistics and sales kills the profit of food and retail business.

Innovative. Professional.

bobbistro represents a complete turnkey business solution for a totally automated, employee-free canteen

that replaces the traditional catering services in large companies but is also a perfect solution for medium and small businesses where the traditional canteen is not financially sustainable due to lack of volumes.


The future belongs to the Internet of Things [IoT] world,

where software applications are complemented by hardware applications.

bobbistro solution is represented by a series of IoT refrigerators equipped with an AI Grab&go technology powered by hundreds of sensors,
  • selling fresh ready-to-eat menus stocked refrigerated, reached by the customer via mobile app and
  • self-serve heated using built-in microwaves or ovens.
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    Technology is the key


    Choose your locations


    We build and install the IoT equipment


    Run and scale your automated food business


    With bobbistro, you can build and customize your own automated canteen / bistro / cafeteria, scale to many locations and manage it remotely.

    bobbistro comes with all the necessary business components, functionalities and tools for an automated food business.

    No need for technical expertise.
    No need for dozens of business software.

    Map products. Supply. Repeat.
    To organize a bobbistro you only need to map the products in the business platform and deliver them by a courier.
    The whole process of supply requirement, selling, paying and invoicing is automated, without human involvement.
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    The perfect match for food industry. A complete turnkey solution!
    Thanks to the complete solution, which ensures the entire chain of operational processes, including logistics, supply, sales and post-sales, bobbistro can be operated by a wide range of companies:

  • cloud-based and hosted platform
  • We handle software and server upgrades and maintenance for you.

  • an array of business tools
  • to manage products, prices, inventory, payments, billing, marketing an many others.

  • modular IoT commercial equipment
  • including the refrigerated intelligent shelves and order panels.

  • mobile App for all logistics processes
  • including picking, delivery, supply and return.

  • powerful mobile App for final customers
  • for access, order, payment, billing and marketing.

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    How it works for the customer?
    Intuitive. Friendly.
    Customers access bobbistro with bobnet mobile app available in all app stores.
    Google play
    Apple store


    Select the products on the touch screen

    bob shop scan


    Grab the products from the fridge

    bob shop take


    Heat, eat and repeat

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    Most Powerful.
    Business platform features



    Receptions & returns

    Barcode scanning



    Batch tracking

    Product management

    Live stock


    Stock alerts


    Automated supply reports

    Picking sessions

    Route management

    Automated internal transfers

    Artificial intelligence assisted
    supply sessions

    Customer Admin

    Customer onboarding

    Customer management



    Price catalogue

    Live orders

    Manual and automated product

    Vouchers and discounts

    Payment and Billing

    Automate invoicing

    Payment system

    Pay later feature


    Push notification

    SMS campaigns

    Banner management

    Product sampling

    BI Reports

    Sales reports

    Profitability reports


    Ready data for accounting

    E-Factura (RO)

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    Bob go banner
    IoT features


    VPN communication

    Server management

    Google Cloud

    Data Backups

    Controlled access

    Multi-role controlled access

    Dynamic QR

    Mobile App access

    Retail module

    Touch screen info & order panel

    Grab & Go system

    Real time authentication

    Cashless payment

    Promotional banners

    Automated Maintenance screen

    Automatic updates

    IoT Hardware

    Manufactured in ROmania under
    ISO:9001 standard

    Integrated Power supply module

    Power backup system

    Router LAN / Wi-Fi / 5G

    Remote controlled temperatures

    Video Surveillance

    Reliable steel construction

    Modular and extensible

    Low-E anti-fog glass

    Automated door closing systems

    Remote control and maintenance

    Modular IoT equipment

    Commercial IoT modules are available as described below. They can be connected in series to set up a bobbistro according to your business needs.


    Grab & Go module with optional info screen on top.

    • Standard width: 600mm
    • Up to 140 products
    • Ambient temperature


    Grab & Go module with optional info screen on top.

    • Standard width: 600mm, 800mm
    • Up to 110 products
    • 1 or 2 door(s)
    • Refrigerated temperature 2-10 °C


    Control module with touchscreen, lockers, drawers, coffee machines, microwaves.

    • Locker number and size can be customized
    • Ambient temperature


    LoVe module with selling lockers.

    • Locker number and size can be customized
    • Ambient and Refrigerated temperature


    Control module with touchscreen, lockers, drawers, coffee machines, microwaves.

    • Locker number and size can be customized
    • Ambient temperature

    Business model
    Buy the equipment once and benefit from a powerful and growing business platform with a monthly subscription fee.
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