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Allowing the commercialization of Food & Groceries in any institution, public or private spaces.

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Grocery Minishop available 24/7

Autonomous refrigerator

The autonomous refrigerator is capable of withstanding different temperatures for different types of products (dry, fresh and frozen).


Intuitive and user-friendly interface, operated via touch screen.

Mobile app

Easy to use mobile app with detailed reports on previous transactions.


Practical product dimensions. Same space more SKU.

Fast buying

Great shopping experience. Fast buying. Simple grab and go experience available one step away.

Live analytics

Inventory analytics for live transactions empowers the BI to make decisions predicting customers’ needs.

The whole sales process is an independent automated one and the invoicing is done based on the customer's account, there is no need for immediate payment by cash or card. The system offers the possibility of scheduled payments after purchase. The customer can pay later or even on a scheduled date.

No cash. No card. Just Bob app.

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