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Super convenient autonomous street hubs for food & grocery products

Fully automated street hubs present a combination of automated Convenience front stores, automated dark stores, and automated delivery lockers allowing both direct commercialization of Food & Grocery to proximity final customers in online/offline regimes with local pick up, and automated last step fast delivery logistics in online Q-commerce servicing proximity on-line Food & Grocery shoppers

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BI integrated. Refill automation. In control of everything

Now it is easy to control in detail all the inventory. No wasting food because the ecosystem will notify every due date in order to recycle inventory between locations. Software optimization to preorder the most wanted products before they are sold out.

Personalised marketing campaigns are more focused on consumer behaviour and the analytics generate actionable insights to increase conversions and optimise profits.

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Developed to be 100% compatible with customer needs

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    Grocery shop available at any time of day or night. The autonomous refrigerator is capable of withstanding different temperatures for different types of products (frozen, refrigerated, non-perishable).

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    Very easy way to explore products with intuitive guidance.Automated check-out. No cashier staff.

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    Fully Remote products price changing. AI is able to learn and make decisions on the situations in which the price of a product can increase or decrease.

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    The system offers the possibility of scheduled payments after purchase. The customer can pay later or even on a scheduled date.

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    The lockers cell are available for picking up the orders placed online or offline to the store or it can be an integrator for taking packages from third-parties merchants for their nearby customers

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No cash. No card. Just Bob app.

The whole sales process is an independent automated one and theinvoicing is done based on the customer's account, there is no need for immediate payment by cash or card.

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