Bob Home

Enhance Your Delivery Journey with Bob Home - Effortless, Contactless, and Temperature-Controlled

No matter the time of day, whether you’re busy working, or temporarily away, you have the power to determine how and when your packages are received.

The problem

Lost Packages

We all know the frustration when a package doesn’t reach its intended destination. This often means contacting the courier company for a reattempt or visiting their office to collect the package—a process that can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

The solution

An Innovative Outlook for the Future.

In the face of global situations, both major corporations and local retailers increasingly recognize the need for superior services, such as home delivery.

Bob Home is the revolutionary solution where a dependable concierge system seamlessly handles deliveries, ensuring security and environmental consciousness.

Moreover, this approach provides a solution for major retailers to establish their own locker chains, effectively addressing delivery challenges and labour shortages within their operations.

Bob Home

Package Delivery

Temperature-Controlled Locker
Safely store temperature-sensitive items with convenient top-door access
Ambient Locker
Versatile storage for various packages
Dedicated Correspondence Area
Keep essential mail and documents organized in a designated correspondence area
Smart Display
Easy interaction through user-friendly interface
Video Monitoring
Ensure enhanced security with real-time surveillance
Integrated Scanner
Effortlessly manage packages with streamlined scanning and handling
Experience Seamless Control with the Bob mobile app
Your ultimate tool for effortless package control. Take charge of your deliveries, monitor their status, and manage everything effortlessly.

What makes Bob stand out from the rest. Take a closer look.

Advanced Security and Smart Surveillance for Your Deliveries

Experience ultimate peace of mind with BOB’s cutting-edge lock system, providing a secure and keyless solution to safeguard your packages.

Enhanced Care and Precision

Temperature-controlled lockers designed to accommodate 90% of the packages received, enabling secure storage for orders of medications, perishables, and groceries that require precise temperature conditions.

Strong and resilient materials

Crafted from resilient materials. BOB Home remains exposed all year round, enduring weather, wind, and impacts. The robust materials guarantee your BOB’s longevity for years to come.

Elegant and Stylish Design with Generous Storage Space

Harmonious integration with any home exterior.

Compact yet spacious design to accommodate a variety of packages.

Bob Home smoothly becomes part of your daily routine

Multiple Methods to Open

Access Code
Mobile app
QR Code
Bob Home

Store, share & deliver in seconds

Real-Time Package Monitoring:
Receive instant notifications and view live package deliveries through a surveillance camera on your mobile device.
24/7 Parcel Protection
Bob Home robust all-metal body safeguards your parcels round-the-clock, even when you're not at home. It shields your packages from thieves and various weather conditions, offering peace of mind even during your vacation.
Universal Courier Compatibility
Bob Home collaborates seamlessly with all couriers.
Versatile Access Option
Access Bob Home in multiple ways for utmost convenience. Couriers, friends, and family use a provided PIN or QR Code.
Seamless Connectivity
Easily connect Bob Home to your Wi-Fi network, enabling seamless communication for real-time notifications and remote package access.
Plug-and-Play Connectivity
Bob Home effortlessly connects to power outlets through a low-voltage power supply via a plug-in adapter, ensuring convenient and efficient operation.
Experience Seamless Control with the Bob mobile app
Your ultimate tool for effortless package control. Take charge of your deliveries, monitor their status, and manage everything effortlessly.

Get Bob Home,
Your Ultimate Delivery Solution

Experience stress-free package deliveries with Bob Home – the future of smart mailboxes. Reserve yours today and redefine your delivery experience. 

Shipping Schedule: starting with Q4 2023