Bob Store

Fully Automated Store

Suitable convenience stores , gas stations, educational space, dark store, 24/7 extension of any store.


through innovative technology

Integrated Kiosk
Management System

Interactive self-service and seamless point-of-sale.

Integrated Payment Solution

P.O.S., Apple Pay, Google Pay

Client Mobile Application

The Gateway to Seamless Shopping.

Mobile Logistics Management System​

Move goods efficiently between fixed and mobile warehouses.

B.I. Reports Management System

Reporting solution powered by B.I.

Simplified Warehouse Management System

Simplifies the management of multiple warehouses in the chain

Cloud IoT

Connect, monitor, and manage all IoT devices from a single location.

Revolutionize Retailing with our Fully Automated Store

No Staff, Effortless Checkout, Versatile Display Cabinets, and Customized Portable Setup.

Bob Store