Bob Wall
Smart shared lockers

Suitable for retail parcel lockers , food and grocery lockers, asset management lockers, shared lockers for residential & office buildings, sports/spa lockers, student lockers, key management solution.


through innovative technology

Integrated Kiosk
Management System

Interactive self-service and seamless point-of-sale.

Integrated Payment Solution

P.O.S., Apple Pay, Google Pay

Client Mobile Application

The Gateway to Seamless Shopping.

Mobile Logistics Management System​

Move goods efficiently between fixed and mobile warehouses.

B.I. Reports Management System

Reporting solution powered by B.I.

Simplified Warehouse Management System

Simplifies the management of multiple warehouses in the chain

Cloud IoT

Connect, monitor, and manage all IoT devices from a single location.

Ready to

Limitless possibilities with a Single Solution Smart Lockers

Features of
Bob Wall

Smart Lockers

Efficient Temperature-Controlled and Ambient Storage

Dedicated Correspondence Area

Efficient Mail Management

Integrated Kiosk and Video Monitoring:

Elevate customer experience and ensure heightened security through comprehensive surveillance

Integrated Proxy App

Uninterrupted communication with electronic systems, controllers, and sensors.

Integrated Payment Solution

P.O.S., Apple Pay, Google Pay 

Product Journey

Effortlessly manage couriers, with package takeover, route access, and waybill storage.


Software solutions

Bobnet App

Manage access, monitor usage, and open lockers remotely from anywhere, providing ultimate convenience and security.

B.I.O.N. Business Management System

Take total control of your business, with constant data overview and seamless efficiency for inventory, marketing, sales, and payments – all in one platform.

Cloud IoT

Empower remote device management, effortlessly optimizing and securing hardware devices with real-time data and seamless updates.

Bob Wall

One Solution, Limitless application

Store, share & deliver in seconds

Robust Construction for Challenging Environments
Crafted from high-quality materials for enduring performance. Built to withstand tough weather and environments.
Enhanced Customer Interaction
Click & collect lockers with integrated software for streamlined communication. Simplified customer interactions for a seamless experience.
Extended Availability Beyond Business Hours
Flexibility for customers to access lockers after hours. Convenient pick-up even outside of regular business hours.
Contactless Convenience at Your Fingertips
Rapid and contactless parcel retrieval for convenience. Quick and efficient pick-up process.
Efficiency in Every Pickup
Customers retrieve online orders within 1 minute. Store staff free to focus on other tasks.
Versatile Compartment Sizes
Wide range of compartment sizes to accommodate different products. Customization options for various merchandise.
Collaborative Multi-Tenant Functionality
Multiple retailers share the same locker system. Enhanced accessibility and integration for retailers.
Comprehensive Software Suite
Included software for efficient process monitoring. Real-time locker status updates for seamless operations.

You are in control with bobnet solutions.

Modernize Your Building’s Entrance

Transform Your Retail Business 

Bob Wall

Any size and shape

Our modular lockers offer various sizes and configurations. Customize your compartments for temperature-controlled or ambient items, choose colours and design. Tailor the locker to your preferences, and we’re here to provide expert recommendations too.


Work closely with our team to create a tailored roadmap that aligns with your goals.


Effortlessly install the solution in your desired locations.


Configure the business elements to match your unique structure.


Launch and boost your business to new heights.

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