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Enhance your customer experience through Bobnet®’s collaborative ecosystem, bringing together businesses and customers for elevated convenience and accessibility.


Wherever you are, BOBNET app works seamlessly with any Bob device, catering to various needs, from free check-out purchases to product rentals and lockers access.

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Bringing together businesses and customers

Grab and Go convenience

Effortlessly choose desired products, scan the QR code, pick up the products. 

Nearby Store Locator

Easily locate the nearest open store, ensuring a convenient and timely shopping experience.

Unified App Access

Access all autonomous stores and lockers with a single app, simplifying your customer journey.

Remote Locker management and access

Effortlessly retrieve packages by remotely opening door locker. Control lockers from mobile app, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Receipt Management

Organize all receipts in one convenient location, benefiting both customer and the environment.

Effortless Card Management

Manage payment methods seamlessly within the app, ensuring smooth and secure transactions.

Discount Dashboard

Keep up to date with personalized discount offers, enhancing shopping value and enjoyment.

Multi-Store App

Stay updated with real-time order notifications. Seamlessly manage payments, addresses, purchases, cards, and more in the account section.

Customer Insights Unleashed

Gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and shopping statistics, enabling informed business decisions and tailored shopping experiences

Enhanced Security and Accessibility with Fingerprint ID

Enjoy a secure and convenient login experience through fingerprint authentication, ensuring both heightened security and easy access for customers.

Customer Engagement

Stay connected with your audience by sending timely notifications about daily offers and promotions, ensuring your business gains widespread recognition and appreciation.


Utilize our platform to quickly connect with a wider customer base, establishing a robust market presence in no time.

Ready to

Deliver an intuitive digital customer experience

Discover a seamless and intuitive digital shopping journey with BOBNET. Say goodbye to queues and enjoy shopping on your schedule. Experience the future of convenience now!