Chain Management System

Ultimate Retail Management Solution for Automated Chains

Software system aimed to automate managerial work and simplify processes in Retail Chains of any kind.


Guided Management System

Supply Chain

Streamlining Efficient Operations

Inventory & Product Management

Optimal Product Control and Visibility

Payment & Billing

Seamless Transactions and Financial Management

Sales & Marketing

Boosting Sales and Expanding Reach

Customers Admin

Engaging and Satisfying Customers

Automate your Retail Operations with Chain Management System

Chain MS automates and continuously manages operations within automated chains, even those spanning multiple cities and countries with thousands of automated devices and warehouses, including mobile ones. It ensures uninterrupted supply, control, and precision.

Powered by innovative AI, a Special Chain WMS, and a Digitally Guided MS, Chain Management System processes all data automatically, facilitating real-time coordination of the entire 3600 business process. It enables inventory and transaction control across the entire chain, guides logistics flows of goods, and manages payment processing.

Chain MS is a cloud-based solution that communicates directly with IoT Automated Devices and non-IoT elements through an innovative Digitally Guiding Management System. It autonomously oversees the entire chain’s management, eliminating the need for human intervention.

360° Chain Management System

performing automated management along all supply-sale business circle.

Customized Solutions

SaaS Subscription Model

Our Chain Management System operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model.

This means you can access the power of our system without the need for large upfront costs.

With affordable monthly subscriptions, you can effectively manage your expenses while benefiting from continuous updates, enhancements, and dedicated customer support.

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