Interactive Self-Service and Seamless Point-of-Sale

Explore BOB Kiosk’s Enhanced Shopping Experience

Elevate your self-service experience with BOB Kiosk – an intuitive app that mirrors online shopping. Browse, select, and pay for products using BOB Kiosk, or make purchases through mobile app by scanning a unique QR code that pairs your device with the Kiosk. Enjoy enhanced features like product categories, real-time pickup tracking, and dynamic banners for promotions.

main features

Complete Self-Service Solution

Intuitive Self-Service

Navigate easily, select products effortlessly, and complete transactions smoothly.

Flexible Payment Options

Choose between mobile app or POS payments for convenience.

Secure Pairing

Connect securely using unique QR codes for device pairing.

Modular Versatility

Benefit from various modules catering to self-service and locker interactions.

Engaging Promotion

Highlight special offers with dynamic banners to enhance customer engagement.

Detailed Product Experience

Enjoy quick product discovery, comprehensive details, and real-time pickup tracking.


Unattended Payment Terminal

Safe & Secure self-service payment solution.

By choosing the Unattended Payment Terminal, your customers’ can pay unattended for your service, without the need for a human operated checkout.

Transformative Advantages of Bob Kiosk Solution

Streamlined Self-Service

Enhance customer experience through intuitive navigation and product selection.

Enhanced Payment Flexibility

Enable various payment methods, whether through the mobile app or at the POS.

Seamless Integration

Establish a secure device connection via unique QR codes, promoting effortless user interaction.

Modular Versatility

Experience adaptability with multiple modules for self-service and locker interactions.

Engaging Promotions

Utilize dynamic banners to showcase promotions and special offers, driving customer engagement.

Efficient Product Discovery

Facilitate quick and organized browsing with product categories.

In-Depth Product Insight

 Provide customers with comprehensive information about products, including descriptions, ingredients, and allergens.

Clear Unavailability Indication

Ensure clarity by displaying unavailable items distinctly.

Real-Time Pickup Monitoring

Allow customers to conveniently track product pickup in real time.

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